Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I missed them...=(((

Salam guys...

I dont know what to do right now (padahal exam kot kul 2 jap lagi... O.o )... I'm confused. I'm sad. I missed them very much. I was thinking, that i wanna go there. I don't care. At least i want to be gathered with them. I missed them like hell. When i hang around, go through (stalk) them....haha...I saw our photos, our memory. I can't forget bout it. I want to hang out with u guys again. Why we are separated? Half were here, and another half were there. (There are 12 of us..4 went to wellington and another 8 of us went to auckland, including me)...Ok, I know, everything that was happened has its own hikmah. I know and i understand. Hm.. Tanpa perpisahan, kite xkan kenal ape itu erti persahabatan yang sebenar...persahabatan, hubungan yg menyulam kasih sayangNya...Moga-moga kite berkawan, bercinta, bertemu dan berpisah jua kerana Allah ye sahabat-sahabatku...=) Hmm....But then, here, we are together but indirectly. Just in message or skype or fb. We cant hangout again as usual. Yeah, i admit that, we have to "menjaga"...(Tak elok sangat kan pmpuan+lelaki rapat sangat walaupun kite classmate...walau serapat mana pun kite, syaitan tu ade dimane-mane...)I missed my classmate...and when i always think about this, i hit upon that my clear crystal water will streamed down my face and cheeks. 

This incoming holiday is our winter break. I will very busy during this breaks. 28-29 will go to one event with another friends and sisters. then, we are going to Mt. Ruapehu on 2-4july for a winter trip...(snow time!!!!!)... Next, 8-10 july will go to another event in this auckland region with sisters again. Plus, i will off to welly this 15-17 july for another event with sisters and one of my housemate. But then i was thinking that, i still wanna go to meet them(wellington) eventhough i already will go there this 15-17july (hal kerja..hehe). I wanna hang out with them. I missed them. I want to hug them. I dont expect that we will be separated because before this, our coordinator said that we'll never be separated. All of us will be sent to auckland. but then, last 14feb??? hmm..some off to welly, some to auckland.. that's broken my heart. seriously. I never told this to others. How much i loved them. How much i missed them. (me kan pendiam)... Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan ku ini ya Allah,....

If you(classmate T41) are reading this entry, i just wanna let all of u know that, my tears right now shows that i love u, i miss u....Good luck in your life friends....=)

Time to perform!!!!!

Time for c cube?? haha...Time fo bayai...=D

In LT3
alau (Auckland)

Asilla (Auckland)

Atiq (Auckland)

Azhzurin (Wellington)

Wan/along (Wellington)

Hazieqa (Wellington)

Nabila (Auckland)

Niza (Auckland)

Siddiq (Auckland)

Fara (Wellington)

Zaki (Auckland)

All the best friends...^_^ Allah is always be with us.. "Maka ingatlah kepadaKu , maka Aku akan ingt padaMu..".....<3 korang

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